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The Three Challenges

ALIVE Virtual Challenges

Discover the transformative power of ALIVE Virtual Challenges, a modern approach to fitness and fundraising that supports veterans in need and promotes personal growth and community engagement. Virtual Challenges: A [...]
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Veterans in action - Dan Tranmer

Dan Tranmore

Thoughts on my recent involvement with Veteran In Action…. After being medically discharged after 18 years’ service I really struggled to find a purpose in the world, I have been [...]
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Veterans in Action - Stephen Reilly

Stephen Reilly

Having been diagnosed with PTSD in 2016 I was left in limbo with various treatments and therapies none of which worked! I was suffering badly and never believed I would [...]
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Veterans in Action - Steve Fry

Steve Fry

Steve Fry joined Veterans In Action towards the end of 2021 having just lost a child and was very lost and lacked direction. Steve had served on a particularly tough [...]
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Veterans in Action - Mark Colman

Mark Colman

My name is Mark Colman and I served in the Royal Engineers and then worked as commercial diver on leaving the service. Due to an incident whilst diving where I [...]
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Veterans in Action - David Davies

David Davies

Well let me see now… before I got involved with Veterans in Action I was not in a good place; in fact, I was in a very dark and lonely [...]
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Veterans Mental Health Awareness Standard
The confederation of service charities
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Virtual Challenges

The Three Challenges

ALIVE VIRTUAL CHALLENGES are unique compared to those you might find through an internet search. These challenges not only make a difference for yourself but also for military veterans who have experienced the effects of war or who have struggled with transitioning to civilian life.

Unlike traditional challenges where you simply pay a fee and receive a medal, our challenges are all about MAKING A DIFFERENCE by raising funds equivalent to the mileage you complete.


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