Billy MacLeod MBE

Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Veterans In Action

Billy  joined the Royal Engineers Junior Leaders Regiment as the youngest recruit at the age of 16 and 5 days in June 1977 and trained as a Combat Engineer, Amphibious Engineer and a Bricklayer and served on many tours around the world as well as on operations. Billy received an injury that through time got gradually worse and hampered his career which sadly ended too early due to his injuries.

On leaving the services Billy then went onto the oil rigs as a Cementing Engineer which suited him as it was the same atmosphere as being in the Army with lots of hard work and banter. Again, the injury raised its head and for safety reasons Billy had to leave another job that he enjoyed.

This led to a few un-fulfilling jobs driving trucks and being very solitary and he found difficulty in motivating himself and knew something was missing. Billy then started a taxi company and ran this for many years hoping he could recapture the camaraderie he had in the services. Again, there was no real challenge and he never found what he was searching for, which was to be a part of a team, so became disillusioned. After a major car accident, Billy reassessed what he was doing with his life and decided to give himself a real kick start.

Billy understood what he had missed on leaving the services and felt that if he had felt this way then others would be feeling the same. He was happier working within a team of like-minded people which was the inspiration behind Veterans In Action.

Billy has developed Veterans In Action’s ALIVE Program which is based on the decades old study of Post-Traumatic Growth and is the basis of all projects that are designed and run by the charity and is used to help veterans to discover a sense of achievement and aiding them to rebuild their confidence, self-esteem and self-belief.

Billy has led all Veterans In Action’s expeditions with walking expeditions covering a distance of 13,500 miles along with three overland expeditions using vehicles built by veterans on one of our projects.