Teresa MacLeod

Office Manager


Teresa is the partner of VIA Founder Billy MacLeod and took part on all the early walks undertaken by VIA as the Support Team which involved driving, setting up camp and providing all meals and logistics.

Since opening the VIA ALIVE Centre, Teresa has had less time to take part on events and has a new role as Office Manager and does all the work that is necessary to make things work smoothly and the work that is sometimes overlooked. Teresa still manages to join the TEAM on events though when she can.

Teresa is the first person most people come into contact with at the VIA Centre and she is very comfortable in all aspects of what VIA do and how VIA help. Teresa comes from a military family and has been with Billy for over 35 years and is very comfortable around the veterans who attend the VIA Centre.

Teresa took part on a VIA Leadership Course and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Course.