Bob Shepherd

Bestselling author Bob Shepherd is an ex-SAS soldier and security advisor.

During his twenty years of service with 22 SAS RegimentBob participated in the Oman campaign, the Iranian Embassy siege in LondonThe Falklands War, the First Gulf War and Bosnia.

He left The Regiment in 1994 as a Warrant Officer and went to work on the international security circuit as an advisor to media, diplomats and VIPS.

Bob’s work in the private sector has taken him to some of the most volatile places on earth including AfghanistanIraqPakistan and Saudi Arabia.

He is a regular media commentator on security issues and has appeared on CNN InternationalBBC OneBBC WorldBBC Radio and SKY News.

For more information on Bob or to read his insights on security issues and politics, please visit his blog;

“As an ex-soldier and security contractor with 38 years combined experience in conflict zones, I’m absolutely honored to become a patron of such a fantastic and vitally important charity.”
Bob Shepherd.