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Veterans in Action

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The Three Challenges

ALIVE Virtual Challenges

Discover the transformative power of ALIVE Virtual Challenges, a modern approach to fitness and fundraising that supports veterans in need and promotes personal growth and community engagement. Virtual Challenges: A…
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Veterans in action - Dan Tranmer

Dan Tranmore

Thoughts on my recent involvement with Veteran In Action…. After being medically discharged after 18 years’ service I really struggled to find a purpose in the world, I have been…
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Veterans in Action - Stephen Reilly

Stephen Reilly

Having been diagnosed with PTSD in 2016 I was left in limbo with various treatments and therapies none of which worked! I was suffering badly and never believed I would…
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Veterans in Action - Steve Fry

Steve Fry

Steve Fry joined Veterans In Action towards the end of 2021 having just lost a child and was very lost and lacked direction. Steve had served on a particularly tough…
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Veterans in Action - Mark Colman

Mark Colman

My name is Mark Colman and I served in the Royal Engineers and then worked as commercial diver on leaving the service. Due to an incident whilst diving where I…
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Veterans in Action - David Davies

David Davies

Well let me see now… before I got involved with Veterans in Action I was not in a good place; in fact, I was in a very dark and lonely…
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Veterans Mental Health Awareness Standard
The confederation of service charities
Veterans In Action is a Registered Charity No. 1128026
Veterans in Action
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