This is an exciting new project which is within the Veterans Expeditions Overland project and has been made
possible thanks to funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund’s Positive Pathways Project.
Through our many expeditions either walking or overland with vehicles we have observed the need for a vehicle that
doubles up as our mobile office and studio and media vehicle on the road and also a secure safe place for veterans
who may be struggling to have a chat away from the main hub of the expedition.
This was the premise of the Land Roamer Project which we are extremely excited about. The Land Roamer Project
will be to strip and build a Land Rover Defender 130 and build a long-distance Overland Camper using the body of a
military ambulance.
Every vehicle within our fleet will have an important role to play within the expeditions we run and Land Roamer will
become our Command Vehicle
The work has already begun on securing a vehicle and the ambulance body and both have been stripped down and
the rebuild being planned.
All the work carried out on building this vehicle will be done by veterans in a tried and tested project that has shown
how being involved in a long term project with a clear visual end result can help veterans transform their lives.