Made by Veterans started as a project as far back as 2011whilst on a long distance walk from Cape Wrath to Land’s End where the veterans taking part were given a piece of wood and a carving crook and asked to carve a spork whilst waiting for dinner to be cooked.

The concentration of each veterans who were suffering from PTSD was fantastic to watch as they laughed with each other, come mealtime some were left with a club and some a matchstick, but all ate their meal with the end result.

From that point on we saw the value of veterans sitting together and making things.

We started working with veterans making paracord wristbands, then printing mugs, printed garments and now embroidery.

This has gone on to become a project where veterans who may not want to get involved in other projects can still come to the centre and get involved making items that when sold go directly into funding the work we do to help veterans and their families.

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