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In Woolwich in 1716, the Board formed the Royal Regiment of Artillery and established a Corps of Engineers, consisting entirely of commissioned officers.

The manual work was carried out by Artificer Companies, made up of contracted civilian artisans and labourers. In 1772, a Soldier Artificer Company was established for service in Gibraltar, which was the first instance of non-commissioned military engineers. An event will be held in Gibraltar on the 22nd of May 2022 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of when the Corps was established with other ranks.

The Sappers Virtual Challenge will be for a minimum 250 SAPPERS or TEAMS to sign up to undertake 250 miles or over by any means with everyone raising a minimum of £250 in sponsorship. TEAMS can be made up from Troops, Squadrons or Regiments and compare your progress on the Leaderboard against other units.

To set up a TEAM from your unit, please email; The event will start on the 01st of January and end on the 22nd of May, the day of the anniversary. On completion of the distance and sponsorship target, each person will receive an event rugby shirt and event Challenge Coin.

Let’s make this an event to remember, the target is to have over 250 individuals taking part but of course, as SAPPERS we like to do things on a grand scale so we are sure that many more can be part of this huge event.



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Earn a Challenge Coin

Upon completion of the challenge you will receive an event rugby shirt and Challenge Coin to add to your collection.(conditions apply).

How it works


Set Your Timeframe

Choose when you start and set your goal timeframe.

By Yourself or With a Friend

Join the challenge by yourself or with one or more friends and motivate each other.

Select Your Exercise

Whatever your preferred exercise; running, cycling, rowing, walking… basically any distance based exercise will count towards your goal.

Succeed and Get Fit

By having a challenge target, you will have a greater chance of succeeding in your goals.