To complete our fleet of vehicles we are starting another new project which is within the Veterans Expeditions
Overland project and has been made possible thanks to funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund’s Positive
Pathways Project.
Through our many expeditions either walking or overland with vehicles we have observed the need for a vehicle that
has a specific purpose as a kitchen and support vehicle. We have got by on the equipment we have over the years
but the aim was to always have a vehicle that was ‘pure kitchen’ capable of feeding up to 20 people on the road, a
very important factor when in the field for morale.
The setup on Scran Roamer will make the vehicle the central hub when we camp and capable of sleeping the whole
expedition crew around the vehicle giving all other vehicles the freedom to move if staying in a location for several
days without the need of striking camp every time.
The Scran Roamer Project will be to build a Land Rover Defender 130 from the chassis up which will in many respects
by a brand-new vehicle although we will be using some parts of a donor vehicle.
Work has begun on sourcing new parts to start this build in early 2021
All the work carried out on building this vehicle will be done by veterans in a tried and tested project that has shown
how being involved in a long term project with a clear visual end result can help veterans transform their lives.